You have the expertise and you have the offer, you just need a way to market that offer where it attracts the right buyers so you're not wasting your time. And you want to have a system in place where your income is consistent and a marketing strategy that isn't draining.
If you said, hell yes I am, then you're in the right place.

without needing a degree in marketing or being great at sales

You are beyond ready to consistently attract high-ticket clients


You know I launched yesterday, secured my fourth contract today. 2 came through complimentary calls and 2 from my website. i'm officially in the 18k launch club!


"booked a $12,500 today lol! Took my payment on the call. She found me on tiktok and then basically binged my ig content."


"yes latesha thank you so much for your expertise. it's been amazing. since starting this journey things have completely changed for my business. i'm one trademark client away from making what I grossed the entire 2020. Thank you!"


"i have 5 clients i'm working with now and my business is growing!! i'm still using everything you have taught me."


content ignite is doing well and growing its credibility! i have 3 ladies starting next week for cycle 3! one class graduated and one in session. grateful! i raised the rate and people are paying full price up front. creative direction is booking well too!