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join a private membership community that teaches  service providers & coaches   how to generate leads on multiple marketing channels & simplify business marketing with time-saving  resources

You can learn marketing strategies whichever marketing channel you choose 

maybe your go-to marketing channel is no longer serving your business

You no longer have to feel like any of these social media channels have you in a chokehold. And you don't have to be stuck marketing in just one place or spend $3K-$5K a month hiring contractors (you never wanted to hire) just to struggle to make the money to pay them all every month.

You can learn how to generate high-ticket leads consistently using multiple different marketing channels with a good marketing strategy and only spend a few hours a week managing them. And you don't have to buy 50 courses and join 6 different coaching programs to learn how.

As an entrepreneur with a high-earning expertise, you want to attract aligned, qualified leads who will gladly invest in your services or coaching programs.

You likely got super attached to one social media channel (cough--Instagram) and sent a few emails to the few hundred people who downloaded your freebie, but it feels like you're wasting a lot of time and losing motivation marketing in a way that is no longer working for your business. 

You deserve to have your marketing working for you without needing to be glued to your phone 24/7.


You're ready to consistently attract leads every month so you don't always have to stress about  money, but you're struggling because you:

feel like None of the marketing strategies you used to do are working anymore

have no idea how to market a new offer so you stick with the same old shit that you're no longer passionate about selling

are no longer motivated to spend every waking moment of the business day obsessing over how many notifications you have on instagram or watching people unsubscribe from your email list

need resources to not just tell you how to market, but also make it easier for you to do or else you want have time to implement anything you learn

don't want to join another coaching program, but you have no idea where to keep up with the ever changing buying behavior and social media algorithms

are starting to feel lonely because you don't have any friends who you can talk about your business feelings with who will understand what you're going through

picture yourself actually enjoying marketing because you know what to do and it works.

💎 creating true brand intimacy with ride or die followers who can’t wait for the doors to open so they can work with you

💎 having a strategy and arsenal of content for every marketing channel so you never have to stress again when one of them changes because you have a plan b,c,d, and e for generating leads online

💎 You'll enjoy consistent Cash months that 2x-5x your corporate salary because you get to be creative with your offers and have an audience that wants to buy it all

💎 You'll enjoy receiving repeated invitations to guest coach, interview for podcasts, and speak at summits full of dream clients because your content is circulating and getting noticed

revolutionary society

last but not least, live Q&a


business astrology

together we'll explore

// Unique marketing strategies that fit a primarily high-ticket or premium business model for every marketing channel we cover

// Ways to implement that new marketing strategy into your business with the focus being on lead generation and sales

// How to use the moon energy to plan out your marketing calendar in alignment with your energy and best times to create, launch, and relax

// Deep discussions about what it's really like as an entrepreneur and address industry shifts, mindset struggles, experiences, wins, and challenges

One of the many benefits of membership is access to me (Latesha) as a mentor. There will be a form to submit questions every month. If questions are submitted in advance, I will go live to answer them. All Q&A recordings will be available for anyone with questions asked documented.

Periodically, members will the chance to enjoy a guest expert session with a host who specializes in one of the topics of business, mental health, marketing, or self care.

As I work on my business astrology certification, I'd like to bless the community with business astrology emails to help you prepare for moon energy shifts that may affect you and your business.

monthly workshops

a private MARKETING MINDSET podcast 

Every month there will be a live workshop, resources from the lesson of the month, and a space for accountability so you can implement what you learned into your business.

Every week there will be a private 10-minute podcast episode focused on your marketing and business mindset, journaling, manifestation, and mindfulness. 


As a member you will enjoy a dedicated space where you can connect with your peers, give and receive advice, ask questions, and get support from the community. 

Done for you templates

Implementation made easy with a library of customizable swipe files, templates, trackers, and toolkits to simplify marketing, encourage consistency, and save you time as you run and manage your business! You can look forward to templates for email, copywriting, video planning, social media, Notion, Airtable, and Canva design templates. 

most requested!

You will get immediate access to Live masterclasses and masterclass replays where you'll learn a specific marketing channel that focuses on visibility, SEO, lead generation or general business strategy. 

live multi-channel  marketing or business training 

Here's what you'll get as a member of revolutionary society


A quarterly membership community that focuses on teaching simple marketing strategies for all major marketing channels including blogs, podcasts, Youtube, Pinterest, social media, and email. Service providers and coaches will benefit from marketing masterclasses, strategy workshops, templates, resources, accountability, marketing mindset coaching, and community so you can have the freedom to create new offers, knowledge of exactly how and where to market them without feeling burnt out, insecure about your expertise, or like you're wasting your time.

Video Coach

Non Profit & Fundraising Ops

Brand Strategist

Brand Designer

Career Coach

Quantum Leap Coach

Creative Director

Somatic Coach

Business Coach

Home Organizer

Online Business Strategist

If you're ready to run your marketing strategy like a Fortune 500 then learn from a Fortune 250 corporate dropout how to do it. This membership is open and ready to serve service providers and coaches who serve other business owners.

This is only for serious online entrepreneurs who want to be able to market on any platform and still make 4-5 figures from it every month

this membership isn't just another marketing swipe file club

I've had the pleasure of teaching marketing to entrepreneurs with the following titles


Personal Finance Coach

Marketing Funnel Strategist


Health Coach

Program & Curriculum Strategist

Business Consultant

Personal Branding Strategist

Trademark Attorney

Business Accountant

Website Designer

Operations Strategist

✔ Multichannel marketing strategies for social media (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), Blogging, Podcasting, email, pinterest, pr

✔️ monthly workshops, masterclasses, q&a, and coworking sessions

✔️ private podcast on Marketing Mindset

✔️ Business product suite

✔️ Community of like-minded and like-integrity business women

✔️ accountability coworking sessions

✔️ business & marketing resources

✔️ early access and discounts to Booked & banked shop & Atelier latesha programs

✔️ immediate access to all past guest expert sessions, workshops, and masterclasses

✔️ Business astrology (coming soon!)



revolutionary society will revolutionize how you market your business by giving you access to:

become a member

all that for:




2 Months Free

Here's what we're covering for the rest of 2022 and q1 2023 the membership

hey girl! 

I'm Latesha !

I'm very much an Instagram loving entrepreneur who would prefer to only have to create content and put it on that one platform and have $30K months without making any changes.

But these apps change more than I change my underwear and I know I have to be adaptable. Some months I get clients from a speaking engagement, others they come from TikTok. 

Most months they're from Instagram, but I'm always happy to see a new conversion from an email campaign. I want you to have more than 1 or 2 leads sources too so no matter what they change, business is still poppin and money is still rolling in.

They found success, and so can you.


"To actually learn how to brand my business from a branding person was a major benefit of coaching with Latesha. Since going through the program I have launched a new signature coaching program that made $18,000 in the first round."

Dr. Micaela Herndon

Lauren Flowerday

"After working with Latesha, I was able to recognize what exactly my brand stood for, and I was able to be in the true power of knowing my brand… like I know myself. I was fully booked out within a month of implementing all of her wisdom!"

Revolutionary Society is ideal for service providers, strategists, consultants and coaches who are selling their services and programs to other business owners at a high-ticket price point of $1,500+.

We will talk about strategies to expand your product suite and market low ticket offers as well, but most of the content will be geared toward high-ticket.


The investment for membership is $297 per quarter which is automatically charged for your convenience. Your membership dues include everything listed below including all past recordings and resources:

 âœ”️Multichannel marketing strategies for social media (instagram, tiktok, youtube, facebook, linkedin, and twitter), blogging, podcasting, email, pinterest, PR
✔️ Monthly workshops, masterclasses, q&a, and coworking sessions
✔️ Private podcast on marketing mindset
✔️ Business product suite
✔️ Community of like-minded and like-integrity business women
✔️ Accountability coworking sessions
✔️ Business & marketing resources
✔️ Early access and discounts to booked & banked shop & atelier latesha programs
✔️ Immediate access to all past guest expert sessions, workshops, and masterclasses
✔️ Business astrology (coming soon!)


Revolutionary Society is best for service providers and coaches who have an existing business with at least one service or coaching offer they've sold before.

Whether you make $500 or $50,000 a month, you'll find value in the workshops, masterclasses, and resources in the community.


Yes, your subscription for the membership can be cancelled at anytime. However, there will be no refunds after your quarterly membership dues are paid. Be sure to cancel your membership before your next automatic payment date. 

Note that cancelling your membership means you will immediately forfeit access to the community irrespective of any time remaining in your membership before the next subscription billing. 

There are no refunds given for forgetting to cancel membership even if you haven't logged in or accessed the resources. Believe me, you won't want to miss anything in there anyway and there are new resources and sessions added monthly!

You may rejoin the membership at any time at the current membership price.


All live community masterclasses, events, coworking sessions and workshops are held on Tuesdays between 6:00 PM EST TO 8:00 PM EST.


Yes, as a paying member you can join and grab the resources in there and then cancel before your next subscription. However, this will not benefit you as a growing business owner. Most of the resources are an extension of the workshops and masterclasses and are meant to help you with implementing what you learned.

I do not recommend joining simply to benefit solely from the resources. Give some of the live sessions or replays a chance to see the benefits. Also, since new resources are added monthly, you'll still miss out on them.


No, you will only have access to everything as an active, paying member of the community. If you cancel the membership, you will forfeit any further access.


The content in Revolutionary Society is geared toward service providers, coaches, consultants, and strategists who sell their services to other business owners.

If you have a high ticket business that has services or coaching programs for consumers, you will still benefit from the membership as the focus of the content will be on high-ticket offers regardless of who you are selling to. 


we can't wait to meet you! 

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